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Complementary Consultation Call

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First, we can start with a video coffee date. Then, send on over a 100 image catalog for a free trial run. Like what you see? Hop on my client queue list, and let's get started!

How do I know we will be a good fit?

I only take on a limited number of clients every year to ensure that I can give each and every one of you the attention and quality service you deserve.

when can we get started?

Because of the online nature of our business, I can service clients from across the country and around the world.

where do your services extend to?

 The following are included with all my editing services:
~ Easy & Secure File Transfer
~ Presets Applied
~ Cropping & Straightening
~ Exposure Adjustments
~ White Balance & Color Correction
~ HSL Adjustments
~ Consistent Edits on Point with YOUR Brand & Editing Style
~ Video Support for Possible Hiccups 
~ New Friend, Support System & Cheerleader
~ All Delivered Within 3-5 Business Days

what is offered in your signature services?

I work with fine art wedding and portrait photographers who shoot in a light and airy style.

Who do you take on as clients?

why do you do this type of freelancing?

For many reasons actually:
~ I love working with photographers.
~ It fits perfectly with my lifestyle.
~ Let's be real: I get to look at beautiful wedding pictures all day!

PHOTOGRAPHY provided BY birchwood studio, pretty collection co, & Springs and co stock. Final edits all by Three Strands Imagery.

Three Strands Imagery
is based in
Chicagoland, Illinois